The share widget is here: Your users can now share anything with Captain Up

One of the greatest things about Captain Up is the viral boost – as soon as you plug it in, people start Tweeting, Liking, and sharing more. The only problem is you have to add all those sharing buttons first. They don’t always work, they don’t all look that good – they’re a hassle.

Well, hassle no more! We’ve just launched the new share widget, adding native Like and Tweet buttons right on the floating launcher.

The share widget saves you the trouble of installing these share buttons yourself, and also makes sure that every one of these viral actions will get registered every time, ensuring users get that instant positive feedback that makes your viral impact grow and grow.

The share widget is on by default and you should be able to see it on any site or app using our launcher widget. Go give it a go, and let us know how you like it in the comments below.


We’re still working on this feature and adding more options.