Taking Game Design to the Next Level

Game design requires skill, intuition, and especially a knowledge of your audience.

You have to know who your target users are so that you can present them with challenges and rewards that they will both want, and respond to.

Captain Up offers you a working, optimized setup, right out of the box. This is the experience users will get if you leave Captain Up untouched and never customize it. It works great in most cases.

But wait. Captain Up is not only super powerful – he’s super flexible too, and for him to really give you the best possible boost, you may want to fully customize your setup.

We’ve collected a few pointers on how to approach Game Design and take it to next level.Read more

How To Boost Your WordPress Site’s Engagement

All site owners will understand that engaging users is possibly one of the biggest challenges.

You may write awesome content, promote it on every social platform, and get thousands of views a day. But that dreaded question that we all hate being asked is “Are your users engaging with your content?”

Let’s go over some quick, actionable steps that you can take to boost your WordPress site’s engagement.Read more

3 Ways to Nurture Loyal Engaged Users

Have you ever thought to yourself “What makes people press the Back button shortly after visiting my website?”

Engaging with users and creating long-term loyalty is a real challenge.

We have to work hard at it. Have you ever thought about giving your users something that is beneficial to them if they engage with your content?

Have you ever thought about building a relationship with your users so they feel obliged to return?Read more

8 Strategies for Launching a Successful Blog

Are you tired of looking at blogs like Buffer or Copyblogger and seeing the crazy amount of engagement they get while your blog is still dwelling?

Do you ever see those blogs that get hundreds of shares per post and wonder how you can start a successful blog of your own?

In today’s world, blogging is a pretty helpful marketing tool. Whether you write about fashion, lifestyle, food or technology, there are hundreds if not thousands of blogs you are up against.

So, how are you going to stand out? Why will someone come to your blog over someone else’s?Read more

Introducing the Engaging Website Design series

We’re proud to present our new collaboration with top gamification guru Yu-kai Chou, who has been creating the Engaging Website Design series featuring Captain Up – videos about making websites more engaging, especially by means of gamification.

Episode 1: Finding a Gamification Platform

This first video explains what you should look for in a gamification platform. One of the most important things is flexibility, customizability. Every site is different, your users and your content are unique, so you don’t want just some general cookie-cutter solution. You want a solution which you can tailor to fit your unique situation.

If you aren’t a programmer, you also want to make sure to choose a user-friendly platform that you can implement and customize without learning a whole new skill. You’ll also want to make sure that your gamification platform works well with the platform your site is based on (WordPress, in Yu-kai’s case.)

All of these are major reasons why Yu-kai chose Captain Up, he explains. Watch the video to hear more, and to get a look at how he customizes Captain Up for his site, what tools Captain Up gives you, and what things you can do using your Captain Up dashboard.