Your business isn’t a game – but it could be

Guest post by: Yaniv Corem
This piece was originally posted on Calcalist on July 19, 2015

In 2003 and after long years of searching, a frustrated game developer named Nick Pelling, came up with an idea that will forever change user engagement and experience.

He called it Gamification: using principles and elements from the gaming world when designing electronics such as ATMs, in-flight entertainment systems, or cell phones.Read more

Engaging Website Design #5: Unpredictability!

We humans are naturally drawn to surprises and novelty, and this drive is something you can harness using gamification. In the fresh new fifth episode of Engaging Website Design, gamification expert Yu-kai Chou talks about how to add mystery and suspense to a website experience.

Yu-kai shows how he does this on his own website using Captain Up badges, giving visitors and users unexpected rewards and planting easter eggs. These techniques attract users’ attention, inviting them to explore the site and see more of what it has to offer.

Watch the video now to get the full scoop from the man himself: