Introducing the Engaging Website Design series

We’re proud to present our new collaboration with top gamification guru Yu-kai Chou, who has been creating the Engaging Website Design series featuring Captain Up – videos about making websites more engaging, especially by means of gamification.

Episode 1: Finding a Gamification Platform

This first video explains what you should look for in a gamification platform. One of the most important things is flexibility, customizability. Every site is different, your users and your content are unique, so you don’t want just some general cookie-cutter solution. You want a solution which you can tailor to fit your unique situation.

If you aren’t a programmer, you also want to make sure to choose a user-friendly platform that you can implement and customize without learning a whole new skill. You’ll also want to make sure that your gamification platform works well with the platform your site is based on (WordPress, in Yu-kai’s case.)

All of these are major reasons why Yu-kai chose Captain Up, he explains. Watch the video to hear more, and to get a look at how he customizes Captain Up for his site, what tools Captain Up gives you, and what things you can do using your Captain Up dashboard.