New Badge Pack: “Trestle” by Reut Kersz

We have a new badge pack for you now – the stunning “Trestle” badges by GUI designer extraordinaire Reut Kersz. These twenty-three new badges feature the ever-handsome Captain, some friendly birds, a whole lot of heart, and a special guest from a galaxy far, far away.


captain_badge_1 captain_badge_2 comment_badge_1 comment_badge_2


comment_badge_3 facebook_badge_1 google_badge_1 google_badge_2 google_badge_3 heart_badge_1 heart_badge_2 heart_badge_3 tweet_badge_1 tweet_badge_2 tweet_badge_3 tweet_badge_4 visit_badge_1 visit_badge_2 visit_badge_3 visit_badge_4 watch_badge_1 watch_badge_2 watch_badge_3

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