How To Use Personalization To Crush Your Competitors


Let’s be honest, we all want to crush our competitors, but in a good way, right?  As on-line professionals, we are always on the hunt for great ways to differentiate ourselves from the herd and stand out in the crowd. One way of doing it revolves around one magical keyword: personalization.

Personalization has become a hot buzzword in the 21st Century. The concept is simple, yet perfect execution is elusive.

It takes much more than just “welcome” and “thank you” emails and addressing customers by their name. Personalization is all about building loyal customer relationships and creating an experience that encourages people to come back.

Have you ever thought about the characteristics that all the most successful products, services and websites have in common? They all possess that unique personal touch, that special thing that makes them different from everyone else, a personal voice speaking to their users/customers.

We know that crushing the competition is what you are looking for, so we will cut to the chase. But, before we get started on how to use personalization to do so, it is important to know that effective one-to-one personalization can only be achieved if you know who your audience are.

Personalization truly does have the power to work miracles. It can increase user engagement, increase conversions, and keep your website looking fresh and active.

So, how do we use Personalization?

The Power of Handwritten Notes

We are living in an online world and it’s easy to forget the power of a well-written letter. Do you remember the last time you bought some writing paper, wrote a message using a pen, bought a stamp and sent it to someone? The memory is probably vague and distant.

The next time you are thinking about sending an email to a client, consider composing a handwritten note instead. It will impact the recipient and make them feel special. A handwritten note manages to convey just as much thoughtfulness as a personal phone call to say “thank you.”

We get so many emails each day, that the time to handwrite a note or letter is rarely even considered as an option.

HEX a small company that competes with big brands from Tumi to Michael Kors has incorporated personalized, handwritten thank you notes to purchasers. That is the way in which they have built a thriving business and top-class customer loyalty.


Leveraging handwritten notes proved to be extremely valuable for HEX.

Writing even just a few lines like HEX did is all it takes to start a relationship with someone that you would like to reconnect with.

Remember the power of the pen!

Send Personalized Direct Messages and Emails

All direct messages sent out from your company should include the first name of your users and customers. This small but effective act will make your message look real and genuinely thought through. Address them by their name and tell them yours – no one likes a faceless, nameless avatar!

Every email that you send out should be centered on a specific person. Once you have created your email, make sure that the text is personalized for the specific recipient.

It is very obvious when a message is sent out to hundreds of people and all the sender has done is simply replacing the name. Our suggestion: Don’t do it!

If you want a quick and easy way to broadcast messages to your users Captain Up provides powerful on-site communication tools. These tools enable you to send messages to users on your website both individually and in bulk.

With a full suite of user management tools, you can manage your users at any level whether by messaging or rewarding them or reducing their points. This personal touch will go a long way!

If you have an E-Commerce store, have you considered sending a shopping cart abandonment message? If not, then do.

Why not encourage them to stay? Show them different products that might interest them and communicate with them to show that you care. Messages should encourage customers to return to your site and purchase the items they previously left in their cart.

Tailor Their Experience 

If you are the owner of an E-Commerce store it is important that you give your customers a personalized shopping experience.

In a store, if a customer was browsing a certain product, a sales assistant would register this and make informed suggestions about other products that might be of interest.

Online, people want the same experience. People expect to see things that will interest them. People expect that their shopping experience will be tailored to their preferences.

Amazon Cookies

As an online store owner, to crush your competitors you want to keep your customers browsing on your site, you want to keep them purchasing, and most importantly you want to keep them loyal.

When a customer lingers on a product, it indicates that they are interested in that product and are considering buying it. Use this information to make suggestions to them based on their patterns of behavior.

Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback from your users and customers is a great way to build a relationship with them. You want your customers to know that you truly value them and that their cooperation is both appreciated and meaningful.

Not only is it important that you take their feedback and act upon it, but it is important that you listen to them. Focusing on your customers and users will strengthen the trust and loyalty that they have in your company.

It really is a win-win situation. You get valuable feedback and they feel loved!

Create a Campaign

Creating a personalized campaign is an effective way for your company to build customer acquisition, convert new users and increase your customer loyalty.

Campaigns provide strong engagement by offering something personalized and exclusive. In today’s world brands are creating campaigns that will not only engage, but lead to long-term customer loyalty.

Heinz allowed customers to personalize “Get Well” tins of tomato soup which could be sent out to any ill friends and family members. This simple idea led fans to comment, share, like and contribute to the Heinz brand narrative.

Heinz Campaign

The aim of the campaign was to build awareness, engagement and positive connotations around Heinz Classic Soups.

Sally Meekins, the Heinz marketing executive said “It wasn’t just the offer that people were engaging with, it was the idea and what it says about the brand by bringing people closer.

Take Advantage of Time and Place

Certain times of day prove to be better than others when it comes to posting content, sending emails, and speaking to your customers/users. If you want to deliver a message to your customers and users, you need to optimize your timing.

A/B test and find out when is the best time to send out messages and communicate with your users. Dutch airline KLM said “in the travel industry, timing and knowing your customers intention is key to be able to hold an advantage over competitors.”

Personalization works, it gets people engaged, and it can enhance your marketing strategies in ways that you never knew were possible.

We live in a fierce world. Companies that do not deliver the personalization that their customers want will not succeed.

In order to drive a winning customer experience and crush all your competitors, you’ll need to create customer messages that are personal, direct and those that your receivers will love!

All the aspects covered in this article will not work alone.

Personalized marketing is not about only knowing someone’s name or only sending them a handwritten thank you message. It is about combining all these aspects and delivering the right message to your users and customers at exactly the right time.

Do you know any important tips? Please leave your suggestions and comments below!