Gamify Your Content To Get Loyal Readers

Even if we write excellent content that has been well thought through, perfectly edited, and beautifully designed, the reader’s experience ends there.

In order to make content awesome, engaging, and social, why not turn to the world of Gamification?

Using Captain Up you can add a layer of engagement and fun to your website. It offers you all the social tools you can think of to maximize your content’s engagement and your reader retention!

Let’s have a look at how you can Gamify your content and turn all those one time visitors into loyal readers.

Make Your Content Personal

Your aim is for someone to enter your website, read your content, love your content, and most importantly return for more!

If your content feels sterile you will not engage your readers. This will not win them over!

You want them to feel like you are speaking to them. You want to show that you are a real person who is on their level. You can do this by using words that they will relate to and focus on creating a sense of conversation when writing.

Not only should the content you write on your site relate to the readers but you should make everyone feel as though they are important to you.

You want to ensure all user experiences are personalized and rewarding. You can use Captain Up to further personalize user experience with direct messaging, rewards, and more.

Incentivize Your Readers With Rewards

In order to convert visitors into loyal readers you need to incentivize.

Granting rewards to readers who complete certain requirements will motivate their behavior. It is important that you choose rewards that will spark participants’ interests.

Remember, rewards can be intangible. Badges, points, and levels are all ways to incentivize readers and motivate them to come back to read your content. Rewards and recognition for a reader’s time becomes a source of encouragement for them to repeat these efforts in the future.

Using Captain Up your readers can collect badges for doing certain actions. Badges are a great tool for positive reinforcement and allow users on your website to showcase their achievements.

You can customize everything about the badges, from how they look to the tasks users have to do to get them.


Through Captain Up you can also create a balanced level system in which the amount of points and difficulty increases gradually as the user rises through the levels.

To focus on user retention and converting visitors into loyal readers it is beneficial to create a system with a lot of levels, each just a little more difficult than the previous.

Levels in Captain Up

It is important to make it clear to your readers what they are striving for. They need to know what is required of them so they have something to work towards. If you set time-based challenges, people will have to check in and read your content every day. If they do not, they will miss their chance at those rewards.

It is all about creating habit. If your readers know that they have to read content every day in order to be rewarded, it is likely that when the game comes to an end they will have created a connection to your brand/website and will feel loyalty towards it. This is what will keep them reading!

Make It Fun!

You want to take your content and make it fun and engaging, this is the how you are going to turn one-time readers into returning, loyal, and of course loving readers!

Ask readers to engage, ask them to look for something, for example a clue or trivia, keep them reading your content until the point at which they take some sort of meaningful action.

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a little competition.

Leaderboards are a great way to get everyone competing!

Captain Up provides Leaderboards that allow you to show users’ current standing, based on the number of points they have accumulated over a particular period of time. Captain Up supports showing the users in daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboards.

Captain Up Leaderboards

All leaderboards are updated automatically based on the users’ actions, and there is no way to directly modify them. Not only do the leaderboards signal progress but they motivate people like crazy. People know that other people can see how they are doing and they want to show off their success and achievements.

Leaderboards are not the only way to get people competing! Why not encourage people to enter a competition?

By embedding a competition within your content will not only draw people in, but get people hyped. Competitions are a proven way of engaging new readers and rewarding existing, loyal users. We all love to win!

Reward Readers For Sharing Your Content

Rewarding your readers for sharing your content motivates them to spread the love!

People love sharing awesome content with their social networks, so if you are going to reward them for doing so, it’s a double bonus for them!

Sharing buttons Captain Up

Reward them with badges and points – show that you appreciate their engagement and urge them to do it again.

Gamifying the content on your site gives readers extra motivation to return.

Incentivizing them with rewards motivates consumers to engage frequently with your site. This is exactly what you want!

Injecting a little bit more fun into your content might be exactly what you need to set it apart from others.

Ann Mack, director of trend-spotting for worldwide ad agency JWT sums it up perfectly: “Gaming has become ingrained in culture. The consumer has become more and more engaged, and gaming allows them to spend more and more time with your brand, and gives them incentive to do so.”

So what are you waiting for?

Gamify your content!