Seamlessly unify user profiles with Captain Up

Finally, user integration. You can now seamlessly integrate and sync your users’ accounts in your system with their Captain Up accounts.

Like an iceberg, most of this feature is below the surface. It gives you methods to send Captain Up your user data directly, from your code. This includes both directly adding users to Captain Up and directly updating their Captain Up data.

Why should you care?

  • You can now seamlessly unify users’ profiles in your system with Captain Up
  • Users can now sign up without connecting Facebook or Twitter
  • You can now activate Captain Up for all registered users across your apps and sites

Setting up user integration

The recommended way to sync user data is from the client side, and there are API routes as well. You can read the API reference for how to use those.

For the client-side method, you simply have to add the `user` configuration option when initializing Captain Up. This will sync users’ data one at a time. You have to supply a unique ID for each user from your system, and you can optionally specify other fields, from basics such as name and profile picture through any custom field you want.

The code should look something like this:

// Captain Up Configuration
  // Your API key
  api_key: '510c4052d06c26129b000002',
  // Enable cookie sessions
  cookie: true,
  // Sync the user details to Captain Up
  user: {
    // The user's unique ID on your site or app
    id: 'guid-in-your-app',
    // The user name
    name: 'Captain Up',
    // The user profile picture, a full URL
    image: '',
    // Any custom field you want.
    favorite_color: 'blue'


The client side is unsecure, and savvy users can easily change the data sent, allowing them to potentially edit their profiles directly, including any back-end fields.

To avoid this, we have also added a secure user integration option, which you have to switch on in your admin panel to use. Captain Up will then require all user integration requests to be correctly signed.

Read more about correctly signing user data, and client-side user integration in general, in the JavaScript Reference.

Onwards and upwards!

We know many of you were eagerly waiting for this update, and we look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you will do with it. Good luck, and never hesitate to reach out to us.

New Badge Pack: “Trestle” by Reut Kersz

We have a new badge pack for you now – the stunning “Trestle” badges by GUI designer extraordinaire Reut Kersz. These twenty-three new badges feature the ever-handsome Captain, some friendly birds, a whole lot of heart, and a special guest from a galaxy far, far away.


captain_badge_1 captain_badge_2 comment_badge_1 comment_badge_2


Read more

Security: Captain Up Response and Update to OpenSSL Heartbleed

On April 7th, the OpenSSL project has published a Security Advisory detailing a severe zero-day vulnerability in its encryption software, used by a sizable percentage of the internet. The exploit is called “Heartbleed” and it can potentially allow attackers to retrieve sensitive information from any server accepting SSL connections.

We have patched the vulnerability in our service infrastructure and have taken further efforts to mitigate any potential risks.

We have no reason to believe any Captain Up accounts were compromised.

Steps We’ve Taken

Here’s some more details on the actions we took:

– We’ve upgraded our infrastructure to a fixed release of OpenSSL.

– We’ve generated new certifications for all of our SSL endpoints.

– We’ve replaced all the secert keys across our system.

– All user sessions were reset.

– We’re conducting a comprehensive security review of every system that might have been affected.

What You Can Do

We have no indication that the “Heartbleed” exploit was used against our service. However, due to the wide nature of this issue, we highly recommend you to reset your Captain Up password, as well as reset your password in any other service you use that contains sensitive information.

We take your security extremely seriously. If you have any questions or concerns email us at

Introducing the New Captain Up Widget


Captain Up Widget

We’re very excited to announce the brand new design of the Captain Up widget. We’ve put a lot of effort on bringing the widget a more modern and clean look, while still keeping the experience fun and engaging.

The new widget design is a complete re-thinking of how Captain Up can help you engage, retain and monetize your users. A lot of focus has been placed on making sure the experience on tablet and mobile devices is just as gratifying as it is on the desktop.

Update your theme settings

If you’re using a theme with customized colors or extended CSS rules for your Captain Up widget, please check the theme settings in your admin panel to make sure everything looks as you want it to be. We’ve taken every care to ensure the transition will be smooth.

The New Overlay

One of the core changes in the new design, a change we spent a lot of them tinkering and experimenting with, was how the Captain Up overlay is structured and how it can be easily and clearly navigated. We’ve concluded to base it on three distinguished tabs.

Captain Up Player Profile

The Player Profile tab is where users can track their own progress in the different activities, and compare it with their friends and rivals.

Captain Up Community

In the Community Tab users are able to check out their peers and see all the latest action in the app.

Captain Up Activities Levels

The Challenges tab is the portal to all the various activities users can do on your site or app. Users can track their current level and see how many points they need to reach the next level; or they can check out their progress through the badges, and see which they are closest to achieve.

We plan on introducing a lot more flavors and varieties to the activities (you can think of them as different Game Mechanics), each angling at different user experiences and behaviors. Expect some cool announcements coming soon.


Captain Up HUD

A lot of work and thought has been put on making the user experience of the HUD better, and make it blend better with your sites and apps. We’ve tweaked how the notifications behave, and streamlined the interactions with them.

What’s next?

We’re still ironing out some kinks from the new widget design. If you encounter any issues or have any feedback, we would love to hear from you!

We’re not stopping here. The next release is already in the works, a bunch of improvements and several (pretty exciting) features are already there. Several new themes will be introduced this week, as well as the long-awaited option to choose the place on the page the HUD will be shown.



New Badge Pack: “Retro” by Yana Segal

Our new badge pack, “Retro”, was created by incredibly talented illustrator and web designer Yana Segal. We really like Retro and it now comes with new Captain Up installs. Retro offers 70 unique and groovy badges for various activities users do on websites: commenting on articles, watching videos, sharing content or even just visiting.

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