Calling All Store Owners: Magento, Volusion, Bigcommerce

Captain Up is the #1 engagement solution for online store owners!

Using Captain Up, you can set up purchase incentives, reward users for referrals, add a loyalty program, and encourage the behavior that matters to you!

New and returning customers will be drawn in to explore your products, read product reviews, and most importantly, purchase more items!

The best thing is that you can automatically give them positive feedback for their activity and let them compete with each other for a top spot on the leaderboards.

We are incredibly excited to announce our support of 3 new ECommerce platforms!


Magento, Volusion, and Bigcommerce store owners can now turn their visitors into active, loyal shoppers with Captain Up.

Captain Up can be installed on Magento, Volusion and Bigcommerce in 3 easy steps. Click here for install instructions: Magento guide, Volusion guide, Bigcommerce guide.

To learn more, please visit Captain Up.

Get ready to increase your engagement and watch your sales skyrocket!