Retention is up and engagement is going down: who you gonna call?

We are super excited to present our new video! 

Pulling your hair desperately while facing retention and churn issues? can’t find a way to motivate your users? looking for new ways to engage your visitors? no worries, the captain is here!

Our new video – Captain Up : Maximize User Engagement – Episode 2 is here to the rescue. So seat back, turn on the beacon and watch engagement skyrocket. 



Captain Up wins ICE Totally Gaming’s most innovative gaming technology award

As we always say when we are hungry in London – the proof is in the pudding. This time the pudding is extra creamy and delicious as our platform was nominated  as ICE’s TOTALLY GAMING “most innovative technology” award, turning the spotlight towards today’s evolving online marketer’s needs and demands. This award, for us, is a highly appreciated recognition by the industry that we are on the right path on our journey towards becoming the industry standard in terms of user loyalty, engagement and retention.

Our platform won the prestigious Operator Challenge award at ICE Totally Gaming’s Cross-Platform & Multi-Channel Gaming conference. The Operator Challenge gave competitors the opportunity to offer a solution to one of three challenges, which were related to personalisation, consistent customer experience and provision of intuitive mobile interface.

Captain Up’s CEO Uri Admon commented on the winning : “We are proud of our product, which is an engagement platform through which we take care of user lifetime value. It is a next generation loyalty scheme, which brings social and behavioral economics into online gaming.

“In effect this is social gaming meets real money. Through our product, users are rewarded for being loyal through clicks and activities, rather than deposits.

For the full article on ICE’s web site and interview with our CEO please click here

Come meet us at ICE London 2016!

Are you planning on traveling to ICE this year? You should!

‘ICE totally gaming’ is the biggest and most significant gaming conference in the world, and 100% the place to be at if you’re into online gaming and Casino.

In 2015,  over 25,497 people from over 133 countries attended the conference to witness literally hundreds of new product launches, listen to gaming experts and stay up to date with the latest news from the industry. And we are here too, so…

Come meet us!

On February 2nd, 16:45 we will present Captain Up on the main stage.

We will showcase our platform, talk about gamification, loyalty programs and how they can improve your games.

Are you planning on attending the conference? Come and say hi!

If you want to meet the Captain up team – contact us on Twitter or send us an email!

We would love to meet you!

6 Surprising Incentives to Motivate Your Readers

The secret to creating a functional loyalty program is all over the online world.

Actually, Lars Meyer-Waarden and Christophe Benavent from the Wall Street Journal already did a great job explaining the it back in 2008:

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How Can a Game Designer Increase User Engagement

We sat down for a quick chat with Goldy (just like Sting or Jamiroquai, he doesn’t have a last name) – co-founder at the Playful Shark game development studio. We wanted to pick his brain to better understand what’s important to game designers (hint: engagement) and what you should give your gamers in order to gain their loyalty.

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New iOS SDK is out – get yours!

iOS developers, we have great news for you – our new iOS SDK is out. Get yours!

Add social layers, rewards, and game mechanics to your iOS apps and games.

The word is out: The new Captain Up iOS SDK is here for grabs – making it easier than ever to integrate social features and game mechanics in iOS-based games and apps.

Making your iOS game better than ever

You asked for it, and we’ve listened. We are super excited to announce the release of our new iOS SDK, enabling game designers and developers to add a whole new layer of social features and a rewards-based ecosystem into their games.

iOS-based games are great, and we want to make them even better. Our simple plug-and-play iOS SDK is the easiest way to integrate a full set of social features and well-crafted game mechanics, wrapped either in our own design or your own eye-candy with our API, it’s your call.

With the new SDK, users can connect to your game or app with their favorite social network credentials. From that moment on, let the games begin! Let them take part in missions, reward them for specific actions, encourage them to spread the word about your great game and make them more active than ever.

Turn your users into a community

In this day and age, we know that no great game or a cook app can be complete without social features. This is why the new SDK is the natural evolution of our platform. We let games and apps developers add community features to their creations, enabling players to build an in-game community revolving around the game.

The new SDK harnesses the power of social virality with minimum coding and integration efforts for new and existing games, creating more ways to reward gamers with badges and trophies. In addition, the Captain Up platform provides state-of-the-art in-game communications and deep behavioral analytics.

Sound too good to be true? You’d better believe it (or just try it yourself!)

It’s Your game – it should look like that

We know how artists and developers can be sensitive about their creations. This is why we offer either our own design or full seamless backend integration options. It’s your design, and we want to keep it that way.

Get your SDK:

looking for a solution for more development platforms? We also have SDKs for Flash and Android. Drop us a line a get them all.

Get your Captain Up iOS SDK today! Simply email our support team to ask for it.