The new Android SDK is out: take your apps and games to the next level

Our shiny new Android SDK is ready

Easily add social layers, rewards, and game mechanics to any Android app or game

The wait is over: We’re incredibly pleased to announce our new Android SDK, allowing designers and developers (that’s you) to add a full suite of social features and a rewards-based ecosystem into their games and apps.

Your lean, mean engagement machine

More and more people are developing for Android, crafting new tools and novel experiences. We know all too well what an effort it takes to design and develop the game mechanics and social features needed to engage and retain users. Our Android SDK provides plug-and-play integration of a full set of social features and well-crafted, highly flexible game mechanics.

Once Captain Up is integrated, users can connect to your game or app with their favorite social network credentials. From that moment on, it’s just go, go, go! Let them take part in missions, reward them for specific actions, encourage them to spread the word about your great game or app, and watch them become more active than ever.

From “users” to “community”

We know that no great game or app today can be complete without social features. We let Android developers add community features to their creations, forging your users into an in-app community.

The new SDK utilizes the power of social virality with minimum coding and integration efforts – just the way you like it. It can be used for new apps and for existing ones, adding more ways to reward users with points and badges.

To help you manage your new community, the Captain Up platform provides state-of-the-art in-app communications, community management tools, and deep behavioral analytics so you can learn about your community and manage by data.

A goody bag full of awesome features

Integrating Captain Up opens the door to a whole new world of in-app features:
Now you can add interactive leaderboards to your game with minimum coding, taking your game to the next level of competition.
Motivate and engage your users with fun missions to meet your KPIs.
In-game inbox:
An in-app communication channel between you and your users. Forge a lasting relationship with your fans.
Grant your users the emotionally rewarding sense of progress and success through a tailor-made reward economy, keep them coming back for more.
Create your own reward-based economy and motivate your users to be active and enthusiastic about their achievements.

It’s a coder’s delight. Give it a try.

Your game – your design. Or ours, if you like.
We know artists and developers can be sensitive about their creations. We get it. So we let you either implement our ready-made theme-enabled design, or use any and all of our features, directly from the cloud to your own UI, using our comprehensive API.

Get your Captain Up Android SDK today! Simply email our support team to ask for it.