7 Ways To Build Customer Loyalty

Gaining customer loyalty is not always easy.

Getting customers is one challenge, but keeping them coming back is a whole other story.

With fierce competition to be the best company, product or service, it is crucial that you keep your customers happy so they do not leave to go elsewhere.

Often we neglect loyal customers in order to get new customers.

Big mistake.

Remember: “On average loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase” – White House Office of Consumer Affairs.

Let’s go over 7 essential ways to keep your core group of customers happy.

1. Communicate With Your Customers

Do not hide behind your screen. If you want to build a relationship with your customers, you need to show them that you are present.

You must communicate with them, let them know that you are a real person, show them that you care.

If your customers are unable to reach you, they will instantly be put off. The harder it is for a customer to speak to a real person the less likely they will return.

Building a lasting relationship requires a combination of effective communication and effective listening.

Take time to truly listen to what your customer is saying.

2. Give Customers Personalized Service

Providing your customers with personalized service might be something small, but it will go a long way. This “special” treatment is what makes people feel important, respected, and valued.

Addressing customers by their first name, and sharing your own name with them, will make people feel a stronger connection with you. It shows that you are willing to be accountable and proves to your customer that you are a real person, not just a robot.

Sending private messages to your customers is another way of building a personalized relationship with them. Using the Captain Up plugin you can do just that. You can discover who your most passionate and influential users are and send them private messages to their inbox. These messages will be visible only to them and to you.

Captain Up
You’ll be surprised, a friendly note thanking a customer can go a long way in terms of helping them feel appreciated. A direct message to your influential users can majorly increase their enthusiasm for your service.

3. Make Customer Care a Key Part of Your Business Strategy

It is incredibly important to center customer care in your business strategy.

This means organizing your entire business to meet the needs of your customers.

In order for you to deliver high-quality care to your customers, you need to ensure your employees have good communication skills, they can handle complaints effectively, and they are able to listen to what your customers want.

Be consistent with your responsiveness, deliver your customers a good service, and be sure to make realistic promises.

People like to promise the world. Do not do it. It is better if you tell a customer something will take a month and it takes just a week than the other way round.

Under-promise, over-deliver – that way you will WOW your customer!

We recommend creating a list of your top key accounts within your company. This way you will have a focus.

You will know that these are the customers who deserve your top service and treatment at all times. With these important customers in mind, you should call them “just to say hello” and introduce yourself.

Customers want to feel like you care about them, they want to feel like you want them, and most importantly they want to feel loved!

4. Develop a Brand Around Your Company, Products or Services

Developing a clear, consistent brand around your company that customers can identify with, will increase your customer loyalty.

Shared values are one or the largest drivers of brand loyalty. It’s important that you define the value that you want your business to stand for. Then connect with your customers through these values.

Connecting with your customers on a personal level is a crucial stage of business development.

The majority of customers will not actually care about having a strong relationship with your brand. They will however care about your brand if the beliefs of your business are the same as theirs.

If they like what your business stands for, they will come back.

For example, the TOMS shoes campaign was created in the spirit of giving back. This “one for one”-style business model means when a customer buys a pair of shoes, the company gives one pair to an impoverished child. This increases their customer loyalty greatly.

Toms one for one

To help you develop your brand use social media channels, and create a strong image around your company, product or service.

Remember, 78% of loyal customers help spread the word about your brand, and 54% won’t even consider switching to a competitor.

Get branding!

5. Provide Customer Incentives

Provide real incentives to your customers that make them feel ‘exclusive.’ This means your loyalty rewards must only be available to those special customers who continuously engage with your company and brand.

Reel your customers in with rewards, whether it be free delivery or discounts. Rewarding proves that you appreciate your special customers.

Using the Captain Up plugin, you can incentivize purchases by creating certain conditions that must be met in order for your user to be rewarded. For example you can reward a customer who made an order of at least 3 items every week for 2 months.

Captain Up incentives

6. Give Your Top Customers More

It is crucial that you keep your best customers happy. You want them to feel you treat them extra-special because you appreciate their loyalty.

A great way to do this is by giving them benefits.

Different benefits can be given to your loyal customers, such as discounts, invitations to special events, or even a waive on restrictions such as minimum order quantities.

Photo credit: Shopify
Photo credit: Shopify

Your top customers are your greatest assets – think of them before anyone else, and keep them happy no matter what it requires.

If you have a new idea, discuss it with them. By asking for their opinions before making decisions you are making them feel special, and showing that their opinions matter to you.

Remember your customers’ birthdays and send them cards. It’s the gesture that counts!

7. Have Fun!

If you want your customers to stay loyal to you, it is important that they have a good time.

Be entertaining, be outrageous, and be different. If they relate to your personality then they will want to spend time with you.

It is not only about business, it is about having fun and proving to your customers that you are fun ones to do business with.

Don’t be boring and your customers will love you.

Whether your business is small or large, whether you are selling products or providing a service, customer loyalty is relevant to you.

Remember, a little goes a long way.

If you do not forget your customers, they will not forget you. Show that you care about them, show your appreciation time and time again. Go above and beyond.

Selling to existing customers is much easier and cheaper than finding new ones!

Improving your customer loyalty will be one of the best marketing tools you can possibly implement.

Follow these 7 tips and guess what you will have? 

Satisfied Loyal Customers.