3 Reasons People Share Articles and How to Encourage Them to Share Yours

With around 27 million pieces of content shared everyday on social media networks, you need to show readers that your content is worth sharing too!

Next time you ask yourself “Why are people sharing content from everyone in the world but me?
Remember: People will only share content that is engaging, interesting, and entertaining.

People will only share content about things that they care about and topics that support who they are.

Sharing is surprisingly powerful. People share content in order to define themselves to others.

But what is it that actually motivates us to share content?


Here are 3 reasons:

To Stay Connected

Sharing content can really keep relationships going- 78% of people share content because it lets them stay connected to people they may not otherwise stay in touch with.

We all know that content creators feel proud and accomplished when their work is shared. People often turn to content sharing to maintain relationships with with friends, family, and professional associates.

Sharing is caring, right? It’s a way to show that you care about their articles, and the content that they are writing is of a high quality.

Sharing is an easy way to pass on information that is useful to your community members. For example, imagine you run a Twitter account related to fashion. By sharing fashion related articles you are staying connected with the content creators and providing your community with quality content that they will love!

To Define Ourselves to Others

Let’s be honest, we all want to look good to others. Sharing content helps us to tell people who we are, what we care about, and which communities we are part of.

70% of people said that the content they share represents who they are and what they care about. If you see a funny article and decide to share it on Facebook and Twitter, you are showing to your friends and followers that you have a lighthearted side to you. If you share a controversial article about a recent political campaign you are sharing your personal beliefs.

Content sharing is a way to define who we are.

If your friends share a funny video on your Facebook wall they want you to appreciate their sense of humor. But they have also purposely posted it publicly to help define themselves to the public.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Photo Credit: Wikipedia


To Entertain

People love to share entertaining, valuable, and relevant content.

People share content that makes an interesting narrative.

People share content that is funny and made them smile.

If your content is entertaining and inspiring it will be shared. People love to share funny articles that will make people laugh, such as articles from BuzzFeed. The key to social sharing is arousing the reader, the more aroused they are, the more likely they will share.


How to Encourage Them to Share Your Content?

We have covered the reasons people share articles, but the big question is ‘How do I encourage readers to share the content that I write?’

Let’s have a look at what what drives people to share.


Trust makes a huge difference as to whether someone will share an article or not.

If the reader doesn’t trust you, they won’t share your content.

People will only share content from a reliable source who has written an article that is made up of quality information. Why would someone want to share an article that is poorly written and will reflect badly on them? Exactly, they wouldn’t.

When you write your articles it is crucial to think about trust. Ask yourself “Will people trust this content?”

Check out these 11 Words that Enhance Trust in a Blog Post!


Incentives drive motivation. A person will be much more likely to carry out an action that is positively reinforced.

People are pushed into action by internal drives.

Naturally, humans are pulled towards carrying out certain behaviors that offer positive incentives and are pushed away from behaviors associated with negative incentives.

Incentives don’t need to be physical. They have to be obtainable in order to be motivating but they do not need to be money. Intangible rewards work too.

This is where Captain Up can help. Captain Up allows you to reward your readers for sharing your content.

Captain Up Incentives

It gets even better. Not only will users automatically receive incentives for sharing your content and engaging with it, you can fine-tune and tweak exactly what kind of incentives they get. You can give different numbers of points for different things, set up special challenges to get badges they can brag about, and you can personalize all of these to fit your site and your readers just right.

Learn more about Captain Up’s features here and start incentivizing your users to share your content!

Awesome Headlines

Why put time and effort into writing an awesome piece of content if your headline sucks?

The headline is what pulls in your readers.

In order to create a headline that really works you need to appeal to the emotions of the reader. Copywriter Karl Stepp from CoSchedule offers a list of 180 power words for writing emotional headlines. It is a great resource that will help you when it comes to writing your headlines:

CoSchedule list of 180 words

If you have data to back up your article, then put it into the headline. Statistics work. They gives the article instant credibility.

When you are next writing an article, do not publish it until you’ve got a catchy headline. Ask yourself “would this make me want to read on?”

If the answer is yes, then you are good to go.

Are you ready to give your content a boost and make your articles more shareable? The time is now! 

Am I missing any tips on how to encourage readers to share content?

Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.